We develop products that respect the environment.

Our research and development department works to develop products that meet the expectations of consumers without altering their effectiveness; These products are formulated with the most respectful inputs possible with the environment. Fruit of effort Fuller Pinto S.A managed to obtain certificates of biodegradability in the line of liquid cleaning


We do not generate emissions that affect our ozone layer.

Todos los procesos han sido modificados para reducir o evitar las emisiones de CO2 (Dióxido de carbono) en las operaciones.

We recycle and reuse.

We have a system for the selective separation of waste, for its subsequent recycling and use; for this we are adhering to the cleaner production system, designed to promote a natural harmony between efficiency and environmental protection.


We do not generate wastewater.

In Fuller Pinto S.A the cleaning waters of our production lines are reused for internal processes, thus avoiding the dumping of water with product residues that can contaminate our environment. Reduction of packaging. The Packaging department works to reduce the amount of materials that make up the containers and packaging without affecting the functionality of the products; this way the consumption of materials is optimized and its environmental impact is minimized.

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