Fuller Pinto en el Mundo

For us, the most important thing is to offer quality products to our customers.


Fuller Pinto provides home, institution and industry cleaning solutions; through the manufacture and marketing of innovative products of excellent quality; fulfilling the expectations of our customers and families, thus contributing to the development and progress of our country, guaranteeing the preservation of the environment.


To position in 2018 at a national and international level, our corporate image and brands, with excellence and innovation of our products and services, focused on the preservation of the environment.

Quality Policies

We provide home, institution and industry cleaning solutions, through the continuous improvement of processes, ensuring customer satisfaction. Guaranteeing investor profitability and providing welfare to our families, supported in an integrated management system where we commit ourselves to: - Offer innovative products of excellent quality, which meet the expectations of our customers. - Comply with the legal and other requirements applicable to our commercial activity. -Prevent pollution to the environment, controlling our negative impacts, making efficient use of resources and implementing good environmental practices.

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